Mr. David Tilden


Hello, my name is David Tilden and I am running as the candidate for the Peoples Party of Canada for our riding of Flamborough-Glanbrook. For the past five years I have made my home in Binbrook and started a young family with my wife and son. Like everyone else, it was a challenge to buy my first house here in Binbrook, it’s a challenge to find time to spend with my son and like everyone else it’s a challenge to not only afford to live day to day but to plan for our future under the current government. Our voices used to carry strength and would force change but the erosion of free speech, the crippling taxes that are stagnating our economy and the culture of fear in regards to the climate that have forced our future down a path that I cannot stand for and I need to let my voice rise.

Coming from humble beginnings spending time on my grandmother’s farm and my time working for a large brewer in the private sector have taught me the true meaning of earning a dollar and the importance of respecting those who work hard each and every day. It was these lessons of life and my experiences that make me a firm believer in the PPC and the policies that speak to strengthen the rural and urban communities like ours.

One of our biggest problems with our community, actually the entire country is the lack of good jobs that allow each and every one of us the opportunity to provide for our families and give back to our community. As a municipal employee I have watched as policies centered on the climate have created crippling taxes and exploiting fear have led to private sector jobs being diluted as wages are decreased and profits sky rocket on the backs of the middle class. There was a time not that long ago when the private sector was the driving force of our economy and innovation flowed without extreme government oversight!

My disenchanted friends, it is time we take a bold stand and steer our country back onto the right path with a bright future for ALL of us. Join me in making real change to our country and breaking free from the politics that have dragged us down and broken what it means to be Canadian. Let the four pillars of the PPC guide us by giving us back our FREEDOM, show true RESPONSIBILITY in governance, FAIRNESS to all and finally belief in a party that RESPECTS your hard earned money and trust and we will be a partner and not a hindrance in growing with Canada.

My name again is David Tilden and I AM THE CHANGE our community needs. Thank you.

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